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Are You A Hype Parent?

Every kid needs a hype dad like this! Doesn’t matter what sport you might be in, this dad brought it! <3read more »


Jelena Lives Again!

The days of ‘Jelena’ are over… but some still want them to be together! And I am not ever mad with this mashup of Bieber’s song – Sorry and Selena’s new song – Lose You To Love Me!   Check out more here!read more »


Weird Hobbies Listed On People’s Resumes!

Do you have a strange hobby and are you looking for a job… well don’t tell you future boss about your weird hobbies just yet! Yup people actually put ‘drinking’ as a hobby on their resume! Check out all the other strange things people have listed on their resume! 20 Weird “Hobbies” People Have Listed…read more »


How Many Jumping Jacks Do You Need To Do?

Halloween is days away and today I told Kim Carr that is would take 114 jumping jacks to burn off 1 Hersey Kiss at 22 calories! And what did she say ‘oh that’s easy!’ She actually did pretty good, but it made me wonder how many jumping jacks you would need to do for other…read more »


Horoscope Monday – 10/28/19

Are you going to have a good or bad week! Find out!   Aries – Don’t spend too much on products that promise amazing cosmetic results. You’ll be tempted to spend extravagantly this week. Do not react too harshly when dealing with partners. Lucky Day – Wednesday   Taurus – If you’ve been under stress…read more »


Kori’s Weekend in 5 Pics 10/19-10/20

I have always wanted to go up north and see the fall colors and after three years of being here, I got to do just that! Went up to Ashland and Apostle Island! Start the day off with a trip to the island and ran into a bar that looked like a junk yard… with…read more »

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