Robby Cruz

Hey I’m Robby Cruz and I’m originally from California! I was born and raised in Colton, CA which is located in San Bernardino County. FUN FACT about San Bernardino County, it’s the largest County in the United States.
In 2007 I packed up my car and made the moved to Sacramento California to attend Sac State where I received my B.A. in Communications…fast forward to 2019 I packed my car for a second time and made the move to Wisconsin to join Hot 96.7. This is the furthest East I’ve been EVER!!!!
When I’m not on your radio you’ll be able to find me in a record store trying to score that rare vinyl or at a ballgame trying the weirdest thing they offer.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Coming Back

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are returning to the big screen and Nickelodeon, who bought the franchise in 2012, has tapped Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s production company, Point Grey Pictures, to bring the movie to life. For the first time since 2007 TMNT’s new film will be done in CGI rather than another live…read more »


First Look at Respect Staring Jennifer Hudson

This morning we got a taste of American Idol Alum Jennifer Hudson as the late Aretha Franklin in the trailer for Respect. Along side the 38 year old Oscar-winner we got to see several other big names who will be staring in the movie including Forest Whitaker, Mary J. Blige and Marlon Wayans. Respect was…read more »


Popular Fast Food Chain During Quarantine

It’s no secret that takeout and delivery increased during the recent shutdowns so compiled a list of every states most popular fast food chain during quarantine. No surprise Culver’s was Wisconsin’s popular place to order food from. While people from New York flocked to Wendy’s and Colorado took a liking to Chick-fil-A during quarantine.…read more »

Gushers Yogurt

Your Favorite Lunchbox Snack Just Became a Yogurt

At the end of 2019 Yoplait gave us Starburst Yogurt that came in four classic flavors but lets be honest we are only going be buying Cherry and Strawberry. Now they’ve teamed up with every 90’s kids favorite lunchbox snack Gushers! This would have been the best kept secret if it wasn’t for @foodiewiththebeasts posting…read more »

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