Robby Cruz

Hey I’m Robby Cruz and I’m originally from California! I was born and raised in Colton, CA which is located in San Bernardino County. FUN FACT about San Bernardino County, it’s the largest County in the United States.
In 2007 I packed up my car and made the moved to Sacramento California to attend Sac State where I received my B.A. in Communications…fast forward to 2019 I packed my car for a second time and made the move to Wisconsin to join Hot 96.7. This is the furthest East I’ve been EVER!!!!
When I’m not on your radio you’ll be able to find me in a record store trying to score that rare vinyl or at a ballgame trying the weirdest thing they offer.

Giant Lizard 7 Eleven 2021

Giant Lizard Goes On 7-Eleven Run

A Thailand 7-Eleven got a surprise visit by a giant lizard who was looking for a few snacks! The video show’s this massive reptile climbing up a shelf and knocking off various products from it before coming to a rest at the top. You can hear onlookers crying out in shock and even one person…read more »


April Fools Pranks Pulled by Major Brands

Another April Fools’ Day is in the books and some of our favorite brads tried to pull a fast one on us. Some made us take a double take while others didn’t try hard enough. put together a list of pranks that some of our favorite brands tried to pull on us and here…read more »

Space Jam A New Legacy 1st trailer Movie 2021

First Look at Space Jam: A New Legacy

Saturday night Warner Bros. dropped the first trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy staring LeBron James. The trailer not only introduced us to the new Goon Squad it was also filled with classic cameos from the Warner Archive. check out the trailer and see if you can spot all the special appearances. Did you catch…read more »

Eminem Parody SNL Peat Davidson

Explaining Cryptocurrency SNL Style

Move over Eminem and make way for Peat Davidson, who pulled off the best parody I’ve seen in a while on SNL over the weekend. Davidson was joined by musical guest Jack Harlow and Chris Redd for this awesome rap parody of Eminem’s 2000 hit “Without Me” leaving nothing on the table as they helped…read more »

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