Kori with a K


Back To School!

In the words of Adam Sandler ‘ohhh back to school, back to school, to prove to dad I am not a fool’ well, parents don’t be a fool and schmooze your kids teacher the right way! Here are 6 ways to do so! 1. Ask if they need help. 2. Send in baked good goods.…read more »


Living With A College Roommate!

Sometimes living with someone one can be the best thing in the world… you make a new life long friend, you have someone to go to dinner with and have someone to talk to everyday! But sometime it can be the worst thing out there! So here at some tips to living with a roommate!…read more »


Happiest State in America

Good news, Wisconsin is in the top 10! They rated the states with these three categories – “Health” . . . including things like depression rates and how much sleep people get. “Lifestyle” choices . . . so, things like work-life balance and how many vacation days people take. And “prosperity” . . . things…read more »


Beer Yoga

Who knew beer and yoga could go together! And I must say this has to be the best out there! OK so what is it?┬áIt’s precisely what it sounds like: yoga class enjoyed along with a pint, bottle, can, or growler of your favorite beer. The key when it comes to beer yoga is finding…read more »


Can You Relationship Pass This Test?

Its good to ask questions before you get married… or even when you are dating someone! A bunch of lawyers got together and came up with this ten question love test! Can you and your partner pass it! *They do say, even if you don’t answer yes to all of them, that’s okay! But now…read more »

Kori with Cows

June Dairy Month

So, yesterday I got to do something I never thought I would get to do, feed a baby cow! And I must say, I thought I was going to be eaten alive, ok I am being dramatic! But for real, they get hungry and start sucking on everything! So, I just wanted to share a…read more »

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