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Post Malone – Circles

Post Malone coming out with a new album this week and he dropped a new single from it!  read more »


A ‘Situationship’ is the new thing…

Are you in a ‘situationship’? Like where you are kinda together but not really, but you like hang out but don’t really… yea… its confusing, so here are some signs you are in a ‘situationship’! – You steer clear of each other’s families – Your family has no idea about this person or your situationship.…read more »


Fun Date Ideas!

Netflix and chill is so last year… lets go on a ‘real date’ but maybe you need some ideas of what to do! Don’t worry I have found a list of fun date ideas! Cook your favorite meal – Find a recipe for your favorite entree, hit the grocery store, work together to recreate the…read more »


Miracle Treat Day

Get out and support Children’s Miracle Network! Head to your local DQ and get yourself a blizzard today!   Check out all the locations in our area! Dairy Queen – Antigo Dairy Queen of Ashland Wisconsin – Ashland Dairy Queen – Bessemer Dairy Queen – Hayward Dairy Queen – Hurley Dairy Queen – Marshfield Central…read more »


Staying Cool In A Heat Wave!

It is going to be hot hot hot this weekend! And I am not just talking about the music! Its actually going to be flipping hot, and you need to stay save this weekend! Here are some ways you can stay cool in this heat wave! Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids even if…read more »

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