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Horoscope Monday – 4/12

What will your week look like! Find out now! Aries – Do not jump to conclusions concerning your romantic partner. Be prepared to take care of the issues at hand. One-sided relationships are likely. Lucky day – Tuesday   Taurus –  Try not to be too aggressive or judgmental when talking to your mate. Let…read more »


Here’s Another Dream Job!

Who doesn’t want to get paid for watching TV! I could totally get behind this! You could get paid to watch home improvement shows! I mean sign me up! RIGHT? ReiewHomeWarranties is going to give you a month to binge watch these show and write about them, and the best part you only have to…read more »


$100,000+ To Be A Nanny!

Taking care of kids is hard work, but getting paid 100K to do so might be helpful to ease the work load… tho you basically are giving up your life for this job! One couple in Miami is looking for 2 full-time nannies and they will get paid a pretty penny but you are there…read more »


Get Paid To Watch True Crime!

Are you in to true crime docs? Well I have the perfect job for you! MagellanTV is looking for someone to binge watch 24 hours of True Crime tv and get paid $2400! Its the 2nd year in a row they are going to do this and it breaks down to $100/hour! And they are…read more »


Horoscope Monday – 4/5

Check out what your week will look like! Aries – Travel should be on your agenda. You may find that someone at work hasn’t been trustworthy. Focus, and concentrate on yourself and your future. Lucky Day – Tuesday   Taurus – You should include children in your activities. You can make changes that will enhance…read more »

duck tape

Win a Scholarship for your DUCK TAPE DRESS!

OK this is crazy! Some of these dresses and tuxes don’t even look like Duck Tape! Duck Brand Duck Tape is giving away $25,000 in scholarship to high school students for the best duck tape formal wear! And for real, I was looking at past winners and it is just crazy! These kids are so…read more »

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