Robby Cruz’s Top Five Favorite Christmas Songs

Robby Cruz’s Top Five Favorite Christmas Songs

Time is flying, it seems like yesterday that we were 100 days away from Christmas and now we are only 2 days away from the big day. Much like last weeks list on Christmas movies and when they start playing in my home the same goes for Christmas music. Sunday marked the official start of Christmas music for me and for this weeks list if put together my top 5 favorite Christmas songs. I must admit that most of these songs including the honorable mentions areĀ  a bit campy in some way but hey I am unconventional when it comes to Christmas music.

Now before we get to the top five let me start with a few honorable mentions. Not only was finalizing my top 5 hard but finalizing my honorable mentions proved to be just as hard. My first honorable mention goes to The Weather Girls and their song ‘Dear Santa (Bring Me a Man This Christmas).’ First off it’s a fun song. Second we can all relate to The Weather Girls, I’m sure there was a time when you wish Santa brought you a man for Christmas to snuggle with and watch your favorite movie with. This next song barely made the cut and its Chuck Berry’s ‘Run Rudolph Run’. I enjoy this song a lot, mostly because it tells the tale of Santa and Rudolph whizzing through the sky trying to deliver gifts that children want most on Christmas Day. Even if it means taking a freeway to get it done. My final honorable mention goes to Sir Elton John and his song ‘Step Into Christmas.’ The message in this song speaks truth epically with 2020 sucking. Lets end the year strong take care and keep smiling.

Again there were just so many songs with very little room so here are my top 5 favorite Christmas songs:

#5 – ‘Christmas In Hollis’ – Run-DMC: It is not often that you hear a Christmas rap song but Run-DMC did this one justice. Not only is it fun and a little ridiculous but it also incorporates some classic Christmas traditions like enjoying some egg nog (with spied rum) and cooking up a killer Christmas dinner.

#4 – ‘The Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth’ – Bing Crosby & David Bowie: This song is and will always hold a special place in my heart because it is my favorite Christmas song and is always on repeat in the car during the holidays. Although the song itself is not campy the way this medley came about is. This song was part of one of Bing Crosby’s Christmas Special and prior to Crosby and Bowie singing this medley Bowie enters this grand home where he mistakes Bing for a butler (lol) and Bing takes it upon him self to take a jab at Bowie’s taste in music (classic).

#3 – ‘It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas’ – Pet Shop Boys: This song is amazing especially with that opening line “Christmas is not all it’s cracked up to be.” This song speaks Robby 100% because I’m not a big fan of the holiday but I’ll go along with it to make those around me happy especially the week of Christmas.

#2 – ‘I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas’ – Gayla Peevey: I know a lot of people are not fans of this song and I can see why. However, the fact that this song led to a statewide fund raiser which raised enough money to purchase an actual hippopotamus for the Oklahoma Zoo is awesome. For that reason and that reason alone is why this song is #2 on this list.

#1 – ‘Dominick The Donkey’ – Lou Monte: Talk about a curveball. Yes I love, love, love this song. Mainly because everyone who knows me knows Christmas and I have a love hate relationship and it throughs them off. Especially because when it comes on I sing along to it..chingedy ching, hee haw, hee haw.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks for listing!

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