My 7 Week Sabbatical!

My 7 Week Sabbatical!

In case you missed it this morning, I am back! And in case you really missed it, I had a baby, and I want to fill you in on all the details, fun things I have learned along the way, some of my favorite products and pictures of my baby!

This is Ethan Alexander born October 28th 7lbs 14oz at 9:42pm.

I want to just thank the wonderful staff at Aspirus Hospital – Wausau I ended up having Covid when I gave birth to Ethan, and they made me feel comfortable and made sure my baby and I were safe! Please wear your mask when out in public, help stop the spread! Also, if you are on the fence about getting an epidural do it! Don’t be the hero lol it was so worth it! I felt like a million bucks after I got my back poked!

Some fun things I have learned so far… 1 month old’s don’t do much of anything besides: eat, poop and sleep! But they are mighty precious to watch and once they smile you want them to keep doing it!

Now they say you should sleep when they sleep, but really I just wanted to be able to do the dishes and pick up the house when he was sleeping! What I learned about that, if your baby can sleep well through the night, get the house work done, if not you may want to take that nap!

I tried breastfeeding and to every woman that has tried or is doing or has done it, you are a rockstar! That was one the the hardest things I tried to do! He was constantly hungry and I just couldn’t keep up. So shout out to all the moms out there!

While I was away, we celebrated a few holidays:

 Halloween – I decided I would just use Snapchat to “dress” him up… its like the same thing… right?

 Thanksgiving – you are suppose to have pictures like this as a parent… its like a rule or something!

 St. Nick Day – This was his favorite… he got presents!

Some of favorite products:

The Nanit – I can check on him from anywhere with their handy app. Now, this monitor may be a bit pricy but peace of mind is priceless! Plus, you can take pictures of your baby!

The Zen Sleep Sack – If your baby is one that needs to be held to go to sleep or stay asleep this helps! Its a light weighted blanket, it mimics having moms hand on their baby!

The Dock-A-Tot – This one is highly recommended by ME! And I can’t thank my friend enough for getting Ethan this! Ethan likes arms around him, and to me the Dock-A-Tot is like a mini bed and snuggles him! He is a snuggler!

Other Products:

  • Pamper
  • Gripe Water – if you have a fussy baby this is helpful… my kid just gets hiccups all the time!
  • Halo Sack
  • Butt Paste

Its just a little insight to my last 7 weeks away and I am looking forward to coming home to the little guy everyday! And can’t wait to hear the word MOM!

But here is one last picture for you… this poor kid is going to hate elephants when he gets older!

Shout out to all my friends and family you has donated to the Elephant blanket pile! He will enjoy these for years to come!

If you have any tips, tricks or advice for me, let me know! I am open to it all!

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