Christmas Dinner Made Easy

Christmas Dinner Made Easy

If 2020 were a can of food it would undoubtedly be a GAME Christmas Tinner!

The video game retailer is once again offering up its easy to prepare and easy to clean 3-course Christmas dinner in a can. This time around it is not just for carnivore’s to enjoy GAME is also offering vegetarian and vegan Christmas Tinner options this year.

The Christmas Tinner is nine layers of traditional goodness.

Layer 1: Scrambled eggs and bacon

Layer 2: mince pies

Layer 3: Turkey and potatoes

Layer 4: Gravy

Layer 5: Bread sauce

Layer 6: Cranberry sauce

Layer 7: Brussel sprouts/broccoli with stuffing

Layer 8: Roasted carrots and parsnips

Layer 9: Christmas pudding

You can check out the the Veggie Tinner and Vegan Tinner layers at Delish.

Via Delish