The Flowbee Is Back

The Flowbee Is Back

With many of us now working from home and all of our meetings moving to video chat one thing is certain and its that a lot of our coworkers, myself included, hair is getting a little out of hand.

That’s not our fault by any means its just that we can’t get our hair done due to the closure of our favorite barber shops and salons because of the coronavirus. However that’s not stopping some people from taking things into there own hands and attempting to do there own hair but if your like me you already know that attempting such a thing will only result in bad things.

So rather than botching ones hair some people are turning to a popular late 80s hair product called the Flowbee. It’s basically a hair trimmer attached to a vacuum that sucks up your hair and cuts it using a pair of criss-crossing blades.

If you are asking yourself who would buy such a thing well even though we no longer see Flowbee commercials on TV the product continued to be made low key and sold in Walmart and Amazon. In fact until a few days ago it was available on Amazon for $144.95 with free delivery but as of this morning it is currently unavailable and as of right now Flowbee only intends to fill orders that were placed before April.

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