Fun Date Ideas!

Fun Date Ideas!

Netflix and chill is so last year… lets go on a ‘real date’ but maybe you need some ideas of what to do! Don’t worry I have found a list of fun date ideas!

Cook your favorite meal – Find a recipe for your favorite entree, hit the grocery store, work together to recreate the meal, and then feast on your hard work.

Binge-watch … the universe – Get off the couch, go outside and stargaze.

Put your phone in airplane mode for a day and just spend time together – When was the last time you didn’t binge-watch a show and just focused on each other?

Make a couples’ bucket list – Planning stuff you want to do together is fun and actually doing it is even better.

DIY something for your apartment – Hang something up, put something together, or tackle that repair project as a team.

Make fun cocktails and drink them while looking at and talking to each other – Have a real, screen-free conversation with your partner and bonus points if you turn your phones off too.

What other fun date ideas do you have?!