30 Things I learned before I turned 30!

30 Things I learned before I turned 30!

So a few months back you may have read an article from Taylor Swift in Elle Magazine… well I am taking this directly for the master mind herself and doing the same thing! It’s hard to believe in a few short days I will be turning 30… and what have I learned… I am an adult but boy, I am just making it up as I go along! So here we go!


You’re your biggest cheerleader… if you can’t root for yourself why would anyone else? Always, say good things about yourself and mean it!


You don’t need to trust everyone… you will meet people in your life and sometimes the vibe won’t be there. Other people may think they are the bees-knees but that doesn’t mean you have too.


There are other fish in the sea… you are going to go through relationships, and you think it will never end and it’s the best thing in the world and somewhere along the way it will end… it’s not the end of the world.


Be kind… you never know what someone is going through! Be kind to the people you meet along the way.


Life is going to go on with or without you… bad things happen… it’s how you react to them that matter!


You will stop being friends with people… they were your best friend at one point, you guys where unstoppable together… then life got in the way… and you just don’t talk anymore! That happens, and to my friends who were once my BFF, I still root for you every single day!


Learn a good joke… everyone needs a good laugh once in a while – ‘What did one snowman say to the other snowman? *snif snif* Do you smell carrots?’ – B-Adams


Who cares what others think… get on the dance floor and dance, sing and wild out!


Put the phone down… I am still learning this one, but put it down!


Take pictures… sometimes it’s the only thing you will have left of someone or something! So take as many pictures as possible.


Listen… at some point your friends will need you and they will just want you to listen, they don’t want your opinion, what you have been through or anything, they just want to vent. Let them!


Find a hobby… do you have one? If not, find one.


Try new things… I tried curling once… (mistake) but I am glad I went and tried it! Now I know I am not good at it, but at least I tried it!


Buy that plane ticket… travel before it’s too late! Even if it’s around the country and you can drive to the destination! DO IT!


Fall in love with the wrong person… so you know what it’s like to love the right person!


Hug your parents… just because you are having a bad day, doesn’t mean they never do.


Call your mom… she watched you grow up, and she is your biggest fan. Call her and tell her you love her!


18… you’re an adult… right?! Ha jokes on you… still listen to your parents


You don’t know everything… just because it works your way… doesn’t mean it won’t work another way.


Fake people… just cause they are nice to you, doesn’t mean they like you… you need to learn to find the real friends out there!


Drink up… go out and make memories but make smart choices.


Visit your friends… celebrate with them, celebrate a new job, a new home, a new baby or just because they asked you to come visit!


Bad things happen… and that sucks. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes you lose the people closes to you. You’ll cry and that’s ok.


Move away… move away from your hometown, you will get to meet all types of people and they will change the way you think.


Help people with no expectations… just because you help someone doesn’t mean they need to help you back.


Exercise… it helps with stress; it helps with health… it’s just good for you.


Talk… talk about your feelings, if someone hurt you, tell them, if your mad, happy sad… etc. tell people how you feel.


Date… you meet someone… and you think they are the one… you may be just excited because it’s someone new and different. Get to know them. Go on dates with them, hang out with them… you don’t need to turn into a relationship right away!


Learn to admit you are wrong and learn to apologize…. you’re not always right! Learn to admit that, and if you did something wrong to someone learn to say sorry and mean it!


I am still learning… I have many more years in me and I have a lot more to learn!

Photo credit: Heather Kusk Photography