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Kori with a K | 6-10am
Its Kori with a K and who ever thought I would be in ‘Cheese Head’ country! Check me out each morning as I test your knowledge with Kori’s Kwestion. Wednesdays we give advice to our listeners, and sometimes Kim Carr comes in to have fun with me.

Robby Cruz | 10-2pm
Hey I’m Robby Cruz and I’m originally from California. I hear boiling brats in beer is a thing along with cheese curds in your bloody mary’s. Let’s hang out each weekday on Hot 96.7! 

T-Rav | 2-7pm
You buy one pair of used running shoes on e-bay and your coworkers never let it go. Hey I’m T-Rav.  Let’s hang out weekdays from 2-7pm on Hot 96.7 and together we’ll try to figure out how Pharell can be 40!

Tonya Haze | 7pm-Midnight
I was born and raised in the Frozen Tundra (a.k.a. the Upper Peninsula of Michigan).  I wandered  around the Midwest for several years – Lower Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska –  before landing here in Wisconsin (is it weird to take a job just so you can have unlimited access to cheese? #AskingForAFriend)  


AT40 with Ryan Seacrest | 8am-Noon
Ryan is counting down the top songs of the week.

Drew Shanklin | Noon-4pm

Robby Cruz | 4-9pm


Drew Shanklin | 10am-2pm

Kori with a K | 2-6pm

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