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Horoscope Monday - 3/26
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We checked in the Harmony Hunter for Horoscope Monday... take a look at what your week is going to be like!

Aries – Your energy has you feeling a bit sluggish. You'll probably want to stay home, surrounded by your books, pets, and plants, try a hot bath and listening to classical music. Lucky Day – Wednesday

Taurus - You could have a strong connection to emotions that run beneath the surface. Should you need to talk about them, this could be easier as well. In fact, you might feel great relief from getting them out in the open. Lucky Day – Monday

Gemini - Socially, things are looking good for you now, the days ahead can bring fun events and pleasant encounters. Lucky Day – Thursday

Cancer - If you want to impress someone, the coming days and weeks could be the best time to do so. Using a mixture of charm and witty conversation, you may find that progress becomes possible. Lucky Day – Wednesday

Leo - Are you ready for adventure? If so, the coming week could encourage you to follow your heart. In fact, a discussion with a friend could act as a catalyst and encourage you to book a trip. Lucky Day – Friday

Virgo - Go easy regarding business matters or any issue with shared finances. Check the terms and conditions before you sign on the dotted line.

Lucky Day Tuesday

Libra - Relationships sparkle with promise, and you may find that any important conversations seem to work out well. If you’re looking for a compromise or hoping to heal a tricky situation, you’ll likely manage. Lucky Day – Wednesday

Scorpio – You may become aware of opportunities that are still waiting for you. All you need is the courage to embrace them. Lucky Day - Saturday

Sagittarius - Leisure options seem particularly upbeat over the coming days. Whether you’re eager to pursue a new hobby, sport, or love interest, it all seems to be coming together very well. Lucky Day – Monday

Capricorn - If you’re buying gadgets for the home or thinking about investing in remodeling, keep any receipts and paperwork in case you need a refund. Lucky Day – Saturday

Aquarius - You could get involved in some exciting conversations in the days ahead, and these might propel you into fresh adventures. Whatever you’ve been thinking about could now become a reality. Lucky Day – Thursday

Pisces - With just a little charm, you may be able to persuade a significant other to buy you something you’ve always wanted. Lucky Day – Friday

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