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What Is Wisconsin Most Underrated City
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I am already thinking about summer... what is the most underrated city in Wisconsin?

Apparently Racine!

Nestled just far enough south of Milwaukee and just north enough of Chicago, it would’ve been easy for Racine to grow up as a ho-hum commuter town. Yet the city has found a way to carve out its own identity through architecture and highlighting natural beauty. A quick spin around this town of 77,000 will take you past several iconic Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, including the Thomas Hardy House, the Keland House and, most importantly, the Johnson Wax Headquarters, which offers tours and features some of his most inspired work. The town also has great beaches that let you cut the summer heat with Lake Michigan’s sea-like chill, and the bucolic Wind Point Lighthouse and its grounds make for an ideal picnic spot. The food, here, too is surprisingly worldly -- large Danish and Mexican populations have seen to that. The Kringle Capital of America also rocks dive bars in a way that only Wisconsin can. -- Erik Helin

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