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Favorite Valentine's Day Candy in Wisconsin!
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Let's be honest I am soooo ready for February 15th! Why... V-Day candy goes on sale! But what is the most popular V-day candy in Wisconsin... apparently Hershey Kisses

'The American Bierkebeiner is the largest cross-country skiing race in America – 52 kilometers. You can follow along on one of Wisconsin’s 15,000 miles of groomed and signed (!) snowmobile trails. Bring some Hershey’s Kisses for the skiiers though, it’s the top Valentine’s Day candy in Wisconsin. Over 39,000 pounds.'

Illinois - 'Illinois has a lot of candy and confection history. But when it comes to valentine’s Day there’s no need for litigation or naming gags. Chocolate roses are the most popular candy, with people purchasing nearly 53,000 pounds. Conversation hearts came in 2nd, followed by M&Ms.'

Minnesota - 'Minneapolis has more golfers per capita than any other city? Really? Is there Ice Golfing too? For any MNers who aren’t playing golf on Valentine’s Day, we recommend conversation hearts as the candy of choice. They are the number one Valentine’s Day candy in your state. Cupid corn was number 2 followed by heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.'

Check out all the other states here!

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