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Trending News - Wednesday 9/6
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Missed trending news this morning... don't worry I got you!

  • The Wrap claims George Clooney, Oprah and Beyonce will all participate in the Hurricane Harvey telethon on September 12th

  • The Beer Street Journal claims Veil Brewing has created a Hawaiian Punch beer called Never Never Aloha Aloha. It features hints of pineapple, mango, passion fruit, guava and Cherry puree.

  • A new study by Flowing Data reveals that casino workers and bartenders are the most likely to get divorced while actuaries, scientists, medical professionals and software developers are the least likely

  • Business Insider claims Hurricane Imma is officially the strongest Atlantic Ocean hurricane ever. The category 5 hurricane has sustained winds of 185 mph.

  • Some Floridians are climbing their coconut trees and knocking down the coconuts because Hurricane Irma's winds could turn the fruit into dangerous projectiles

  • Carnival Cruise Lines has rerouted four ships as a result of Hurricane Irma

  • Sales of beer at Florida liquor stores have skyrocketed because of Hurricane Irma. Many stores have sold all of their 24-packs and are now only offering kegs. Some party animals purchased cases of beer and are now selling them for 3-4 times what they paid.

  • Mashable claims Lumberton, Texas firefighter Kyle Perry was able to save his fiance's wedding dress from Hurricane Harvey flood waters by placing it on the top shelf of his closet. When he returned to his flooded home, the water was up to his neck. Kyle waded into his bedroom and discovered that the dress survived the flooding by several inches. He and his fiance have postponed their wedding because they have no renter's insurance.

  • The Daily Mirror claims a new Big Mac challenge has popped up on Facebook. The challenge involves eating four Big Macs, four large fries and four large milkshakes within 60 minutes. Eaters win the challenge by holding the food down for another 30 minutes

  • Newser claims the Boston Red Sox recently used Apple Watches to steal signs from the New York Yankees. The Yankees filed a complaint after seeing video of a Red Sox staffer looking at his Apple Watch before relaying messages to players. Sign stealing is legal, but not when gadgets are used.

  • Bloomberg claims Barry Callebaut AG, the largest processor of cocoa beans in the world, has created a new type of chocolate. 'Ruby Chocolate' is made from cocoa bean products and sugar. It has no coloring or any other additives. The beans used to make 'Ruby Chocolate' are from the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. The 'ruby' color comes from the powder that's extracted during processing. 'Ruby Chocolate' has a berry taste to it.

Today is Barbie Doll Day, Fight Procrastination Day, National Coffee Ice Cream Day and Read a Book Day

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