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Trending News - Wednesday 5/17
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In case you missed any trending news this morning, I have it all in one place for you!

  • CNET claims Instagram has added more filters to their app that allow members to add graphics to their pictures just like Snapchat.

  • TMZ claims Bob Marley's grandson Nico Marley has signed a contract with the Washington Redskins. He played linebacker at Tulane.

  • TV Line claims Jimmy Kimmel is going to host the Academy Awards again next year. The show will air on Sunday March 4, 2018 on ABC

  • TV Guide claims The Little Mermaid is going to be ABC's next big live musical event. It will air on October 3rd.

  • Peyton Manning is going to host the ESPY Awards on Wednesday, July 12th on ESPN.

  • E! News claims a Grey's Anatomy spin-off is coming to ABC. The show will follow firefighters at a Seattle Firehouse.

  • Fox News claims an Applebee's in Fayetteville, North Carolina is under fire for serving pina coladas to a 13 year-old boy and a three-year-old girl. The children and their family were out celebrating Mother's Day and a granddaughter's birthday when the two kids downed half their drinks before realizing something was wrong. The same Applebee's was cited in 2015 for serving a mixed drink to a five-year-old. A miscommunication occurred between the server and bartender. The kids are okay.

  • The Statesman newspaper claims Brandon Vezmar, of Round Rock, Texas, is suing his online date for texting during Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. He tells the paper that he is seeking $17.31 for her 3D movie ticket. “It was kind of a first date from hell. This is like one of my biggest pet peeves.” Brandon says his date left the theater and took off without him leaving him to find his own ride home.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells the paper; “I had my phone low and I wasn’t bothering anybody. It wasn’t like constant texting. I’m not a bad woman. I just went out on a date.”

  • The Daily Mail claims Oliver Ruiz dropped out of Italy's University of Milan so he could move to London to drink Starbucks. The 24 year-old recently quit his job and now spends all day drinking coffee at various Starbucks stores.

He tells the paper; ''I was at work on Tuesday and it was so sunny outside. I just thought 'I want a Starbucks'. So I said 'what am I doing here' and told my boss that I quit my job there and then. The only way I could have got it was to quit my job, so that's what I did. I didn't really care if [the job is] what I had to do - I really wanted a green tea latte. When I have the cup in my hand I feel settled and happy. I feel safe and relaxed as soon as I see the sign. Even if I'm lost in another country I'll go there and feel at home. I'll fund my habit by using my savings and then when they run out, I'll work for a while again if I have to. I plan to fund it mostly with my savings from work.''

  • Mashable claims Netflix is currently testing a new pricing system that will make it more expensive to binge watch on the weekends. The Australian newspaper claims the test is currently being run on Australia's Netflix customers. They are being charged anywhere from $1 to $3 more per month to binge watch on the weekends.

  • CBS claims the world's first Nutella cafe is opening in Chicago. The Michigan Avenue restaurant will feature Nutella-inspired salads, soups, paninis and desserts. Crepes, gelato and espresso will also be served

Today is National Cherry Cobbler Day, National Employee Health and Fitness Day, National Pack Rat Day, National Walnut Day and World Hypertension Day

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