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Trending News - Tuesday 5/16
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In case you missed any trending news this morning, I have it all in one place for you!

  • A survey by Skinfo reveals that 30% of HR managers feel that bad breath and piercings are bigger red flags than tattoos.

  • A survey published in Working World reveals that 60% of employers are less likely to hire a candidate with piercings

  • 'Corset piercing' has become the latest craze in Britain. The process involves implanting metal rings into the skin and then joining them together with a ribbon to give a corset effect. The $450 piercing can be applied to any area of the body where the skin is loose enough to pinch in order to thread a needle. Many choose to pierce their back. The corset lasts for a month and leaves tiny red scars

  • Us Weekly claims Chris Daughtry may join American Idol as a judge. He finished fourth on the show in 2006

  • McDonald's restaurants in Japan have added curly fries to their menu. The 'Twister Fries' are also being sold in the Philippines

  • OnCars claims Harley-Davidson is planning to sell an electric motorcycle. It will be able to travel 46 miles on a single charge.

  • IndyStar claims Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bauman, the man he portrays in an upcoming movie about the Boston Marathon bombing, are going to wave the green flag at this year's Indianapolis 500.

  • The Impulsive Buy website claims limited edition Mississippi Mud Pie Oreo cookies have hit store shelves. They feature a chocolate and whipped cream filling

  • Teen Vogue claims Lucky Charms is giving away 10,000 boxes of just marshmallows. Specially-marked boxes of Lucky Charms have been placed on store shelves. A 14-digit code has been digitized on the inside of the back panel of each special box. Those who find the code and enter it at MarshmallowOnly.com get a free box of Lucky Charms Marshmallows Only.

  • The NY Post claims comedy writer Robert “Alex” Kaseberg is suing Conan O'Brien for stealing his jokes. The jokes in question were about Caitlyn Jenner, Tom Brady and the Washington Monument. Kaseberg posted the jokes on his blog and Twitter page before Conan allegedly stole them.

  • Teen Vogue claims the Victoria's Secret Museum has opened on 5th Avenue in New York City. Exhibits feature lingerie from past years. Some of the lingerie is signed by famous Victoria's Secret Angels.

  • Arthur Johnson recently turned 100 and won free beers for life from the Bowling Green Pub in Chorlton, England. Eight years ago, a bartender told Arthur if he made it to 100 he would get free beer for the rest of his life.

Bar owner Mark Canny tells the Daily Mirror; Mark Canny, isn't too thrilled with the expenses of the whole thing...but overall, he's more than happy to stick to his word and oblige the regular customer. I made this promise of free beer for life about six or seven years ago not expecting that he would be at the pub every day of the week. My profits have taken a downward spiral! He’s not just a customer, he’s a drinking buddy. He was at my wedding last year."

Today is Love a Tree Day, National Mimosa Day, National Piercing Day, National Sea Monkey Day and National Wear Purple for Peace Day

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