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A ‘Situationship’ is the new thing…

Are you in a ‘situationship’? Like where you are kinda together but not really, but you like hang out but don’t really… yea… its confusing, so here are some signs you are in a ‘situationship’! – You steer clear of each other’s families – Your family has no idea about this person or your situationship.…read more »


Horoscope Monday – 8/19

Aries – Lend an ear to children; it can make a difference. Trouble could be brewing at home. Contracts will not be as lucrative as you think. Lucky Day – Monday Taurus – Don’t try to hide your true feelings from your mate. Your social activity should be conducive to finding love. Lucky Day –…read more »


Fun Date Ideas!

Netflix and chill is so last year… lets go on a ‘real date’ but maybe you need some ideas of what to do! Don’t worry I have found a list of fun date ideas! Cook your favorite meal – Find a recipe for your favorite entree, hit the grocery store, work together to recreate the…read more »


Horoscope Monday – 8/12

Happy Monday – hopefully its a good week! Lets find out! Aries – You will do best to entertain those you wish to close deals with. Try to be patient and understanding. Travel and entertaining conversation will be informative and uplifting. Lucky Day – Thursday Taurus – Misunderstandings at work could easily lead to your…read more »


Horoscope Monday – 7/29

Wonder what your week will look like? Find out here! Aries – You can find out interesting information if you get a chance to talk to people you respect. Take a second look; another person’s philosophy may be extremely different from yours. Lucky Day – Tuesday Taurus – Although up setting, changes in your domestic…read more »

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