Opening Day – What’s Cooking!

Opening Day – What’s Cooking!

The Brewers kick of their season today against the St. Louis Cardinals, game starts at 1:10 pm!

But the most import thing to talk about today is the new food items at the stadiums this year!

The Fowl Pole” at Rangers games.  It’s a single TWO-POUND chicken tender that comes with ranch and honey mustard.  The Rangers also have Bacon-Wrapped Hot Wings this year . . . and a chicken-and-waffle dish served in a waffle cone.

Twisted Topped Pretzels” at Cardinals games.  You get three pretzel twists, topped with pepperoni and cheese . . . buffalo chicken . . . or bacon and cheese.  St. Louis also has a giant, 16-inch-long slice of pizza this year called “The Mega Slice.”

18-inch hot dogs at Diamondbacks games . . . because a footlong isn’t enough anymore?  They’re selling three different kinds:  One topped with Reuben mac-and-cheese . . . a bratwurst version topped with fried mac-and-cheese . . . and a breakfast version topped with hash browns, bacon, fried eggs, cheese, and gravy.

A “Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich” at Twins games.  It comes with jelly-glazed bacon on toasted sourdough.

The Fritos Pie Corn Dog” at Astros games.  A foot-long hot dog, covered in crushed-up Fritos, with queso and Texas chili.  The Mets are also selling a “Chili Cheese Crunch Dog” that comes with Fritos on top.


What would you want to try?