Horoscope Monday – 3/11

Horoscope Monday – 3/11

Aries – Start by being more available to the people around you. When you help others, you truly do help yourself. There is no way that coming to someone’s rescue could ever be a waste of time.
Lucky Day – Tuesday

Taurus – Whatever personal dramas, problems, and worries are on your mind right now don’t have to stay on your mind—share them with your friends! These people know you, so they will be understanding, compassionate and (most importantly) helpful.
Lucky Day – Thursday

Gemini – It’s very wise to not get ahead of yourself because if you do, you could both paint yourselves into a corner that will be nearly impossible to get out of.
Lucky Day – Wednesday

Cancer – This week will start out with a big burst of good energy—and it may be a bit too much for you to handle! So much positive energy and enthusiasm might make it hard for you to concentrate as the week continues, and this afternoon you will want to slow down for a planned social event!
Lucky Day – Monday

Leo – You and your people are not quite on the same page, which could make putting social plans together a bigger challenge than usual. It might be time to take a break and spend a bit of time alone
Lucky Day – Friday

Virgo – There’s a time to move forward, and then there’s a time to stay right where you are—like this week. There are no new projects worth your time, so don’t try to create any!
Lucky Day – Thursday
Libra – An innocent comment could escalate into a touchy conversation with a family member—but luckily, you won’t be the person with their foot in their mouth. You should try to keep your head down and avoid the drama because it could disrupt your routine and prevent you from getting anything done.
Lucky Day Saturday

Scorpio – Right now, your physical health will be greatly affected by your emotional health. Feeling good about who you are and where you are in life will go a long way toward helping your body feel good.
Lucky Day – Saturday

Sagittarius – Your recent period of growth is slowing down. It’s not that you have nothing new to learn; it’s just that you need some downtime to process the things you’ve learned so far.
Lucky Day – Wednesday

Capricorn – If things have been getting silly instead of serious between you and someone else, you will have to court them more aggressively. It’s time to let down your walls and let them know how you really feel.
Lucky Day –Monday

Aquarius – You’re a giver, and it’s no wonder that your unselfishness is something that people remember about you. Make sure you maintain this glowing reputation this week by stocking up on things that people always need—like aspirin, extra tissues, a safety pin, gum and so on.
Lucky Day – Thursday

Pisces – Some people from your past hold secrets that will help you change for the better, so do not write them all off just because you don’t see them very often.
Lucky Day – Sunday