Love The Lyrics

Win Valentine’s Day this year with “Love The Lyrics” with Jim Kryshak Jewelers and Hot 96.7.  Win a $50 gift card and qualify for a $500 card to Jim Kryshak Jewelers, just in time for Valentine’s day.

Starting Friday, February 1st listen to Kori with a K for your chance to play “Love The Lyrics”. She will play you a clip of your favorite song and if you can be the first to correctly guess the lyrics you will win a $50 gift card and will be put in the drawing to win a $500 card, awarded February 14th at 8:30am!  Nobody does Valentine’s Day better than Jim Kryshak Jewelers! General contest rules here.

Studio line is:  715-345-0967 “Love The Lyrics with Jim Kryshak Jewelers and Hot 96.7