Do you regret saying ‘I Love You’?

Do you regret saying ‘I Love You’?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (candy is already out in stores)! V-Day makes us think about LOVE but sometimes we shouldn’t be saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

Here are the wrong times to say – OLIVE U 😉

When he gets comfortable –
He just farted or did something else gross that showed his comfort levels around you. It’s a funny milestone. It just made you realize you love him. That’s nice but, do you really want your story of exchanging I love yous to be, “Well he farted and…”?

During the “What are we?” talk –
He wants to have a talk about where this relationship is going, and you both decide that you’re exclusive, and can call each other “boyfriend and girlfriend.” Then you decide to skip five steps and say, “And I love you.” Woooaah. Slow your roll.

When you’re wasted –
Saying it after a drink or two is fine. But saying it when you’re completely sloshed is a nightmare waiting to happen. If he doesn’t respond, you have a massive, drunken fight coming your way. If he says it back, you can’t really trust it—he was wasted.

In a birthday card –
In his birthday card, along with a very generous present, you add the awkward present of writing, “I love you.” If he doesn’t feel the same way, he’ll feel so bad about it—you just gave him a nice present.

A major holiday –
Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and all the other fun ones—if you express your love on one of these and it isn’t reciprocated, that holiday is ruined forever. Or at least for a very long time.

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