Are You Being Breadcrumed?

Are You Being Breadcrumed?

Dating can be the worst sometimes, and we have all heard of Ghosting… but now we have to worry about BREADCRUMING! And honestly I think this is worse!

Basically, they string you along – won’t make solid plans and when they do they are either last minute or cancel them! I am going to be honest with you, you’re the back up plan!

Here are 5 signs you are being Breadcrumed

1. They never make plans
2. When they do make plans it’s a last-minute hook-up
3. They “Microcommunicate”
4. They flirt online, but won’t respond to your texts
5. They won’t tell you how they feel

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And if you are being BREADCRUMED this is your sign to D.R.O.P them! You ain’t got time for that!